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Disclaimer: Literary Midwives are committed to helping writers craft quality products. However, they cannot guarantee that every client will receive contract from a publisher.

Welcome to Literary Midwives, a book coaching service for writers who want to birth a book. Each client who contacts Literary Midwives receives a free half hour consultation. During that consultation, one of our book coaches answers your questions, suggests next steps, and points you to resources to move you forward. If you want further coaching, you will be matched with the book coach best able to help you meet your writing goals.

Story Coaching

Helps authors add muscle to the bare bones of a book idea. Components of the process can include creating a writing routine, structuring the plot, and character development in a supportive, encouraging work relationship. Story coaching is especially helpful for new novelists or short story authors beginning their first novel.

Concept Editing

For the writer with a completed manuscript. A concept editor, also known as a manuscript editor, gives constructive criticism and suggests ways to improve the plot and story arch. A concept editor can also assist with character development, clarifying writing style, and improving voice. They also pay attention to theme issues, imagery, clarity, and sentence structure. A concept editor does not proofread for grammar, punctuation, or spelling.

Query Letter Coaching

For writers who want to craft a letter that will grab the attention of the editor you’d like to query about your new book, magazine article, or guest blog post. An effective query letter can persuade an editor at a book publishing to request your manuscript or consideration. Or it can convince a magazine or blog editor to contract you to write an article for their print or online publication.

Book Proposal Coaching

Guides authors through this complicated but necessary process. You’ll learn the components of either a fiction or non-fiction book proposal and receive step-by-step instruction as you prepare to pitch your manuscript.

Jolene Philo is the author of five non-fiction books about special needs parenting and caregiving. Her agent is currently pitching her first mystery novel. Jolene presents workshops at writing conferences around the country about query letters, book proposals, editing, and the writing process. Her areas of expertise include query letter and book proposal coaching, as well as non-fiction concept editing services. She also does concept editing services for mystery, historical, and contemporary fiction.

Anne Fleck holds a degree in literature from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. She’s written three books and is preparing her most recent manuscript for publication. She also writes and edits scripts for Ghost Light Media. She specializes in story coaching. She also does concept editing in these genres: speculative fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, and young adult fiction.

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