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Paper Clouds Apparel: A Special Needs Company

Today’s post comes from Robert Thornton. He’s here to share the story of how his company, Paper Clouds Apparel (PCA) came into being. At the end of his story you’ll learn how to enter a drawing for a free PCA shirt donated by his company. I hope you’re as impressed by Thorton’s commitment to the special needs community as I am. Paper Clouds Apparel: A Special Needs Company... read more

Special Needs Parenting Toolbox

Special needs parenting is a job that requires a huge toolbox. DifferentDream.com exists to locate those tools and point parents to them. The tools featured in this post can be found at the Familius website. Familius is a small book publisher, and their blog is written by their authors. Since they’ll release Jolene’s new book about PTSD in children in the spring of 2015 , she contributes a... read more

Cardboard + Ingenuity = Special Needs Solutions

Sometimes even special needs advocates box themselves in. We get so busy looking for complicated answers to the complex adventure of raising kids with special needs that we forget to think outside the box. So I was delighted to read an article about Jason Nolan, a professor of early childhood studies at Ryerson University in Canada. He’s also a designer. And he lives with autism. Cardboard +... read more

Stress-Free Haircut Tips for Kids with Special Needs

Going to the barber or hair stylist for a haircut is one of those childhood rites of passage. But it can be an unattainable rite for kids who have sensory issues, are on the autism spectrum, or have other special needs that make haircuts a frightening or unpleasant situation. A post at Friendship Circle of Michigan offers 21–count ‘em–21 tips for stress-free haircuts, so more kids can enjoy the... read more

How to Release Your Caregiver Worry

Worry. For many caregivers, it’s a constant weight on their shoulders. One they’d like to get rid of, at least in part, but they don’t know how. Or they think life without constant caregiver worry is impossible. But as a former caregiver with a talent for worry, I know some of the burden can be removed with a minimum of effort on your part. How to Release Worry To release my worry, I... read more
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