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Special Needs Turmoil? Be Still and Know True Rest

Holy Week is here, and as much as guest blogger Rebekah Benimoff hoped to write about a Lenten spirit, life as the parent of a teen with special needs got in the way. So today she’s here to share the cry of her mother’s heart and desire to know the true rest we have in Christ who died for us and rose again. Knowing Rest Tonight I need a pouring out, and a flood of pouring in. There have been... read more

6 Easter Survival Tips for Kids with Special Needs

The Easter Bunny will soon be hopping down the bunny trail. The holiday is meant to be a fun and exciting time for kids, but the excitement can turn into over-stimulation and meltdowns for many with special needs. However with foresight and planning, parents can make Easter a happy time for all their kids. Special Needs Blogger, Stephanie Bruno Dowling Dowling is an early intervention speech therapist who... read more

Valentine’s Day Thru Special Needs Thick & Thin

Valentines Day is here. My husband, Hiram, and I will give each other cards, but there will be no night out, no flowers, no chocolate, no bottle of wine. Just enjoying a quiet evening at home, a tradition that started in 1983. Our First Valentine’s Day as Parents of a Child with Special Needs That Valentine’s Day was our first as parents of a baby with medical special needs. It was also the... read more

Happy New Year!

                        Photo Source:... read more

Top Ten Special Needs Countdown: #3

2013 is winding down, and Different Dream is gearing up to announce the top three special needs posts of the year. The third most popular post of the year was one of guest blogger Stephanie Husted’s poems. Before finding out which one, here’s a look at the posts that already made the countdown list: #10: The Special Needs Caregiver Notebook Is Coming Soon #9: George Will Affirms Goodness of... read more
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