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Special Needs Diagnosis: Letter to a New Mom

Parents of kids with special needs remember that the moment their child received a special needs diagnosis. They know it’s a moment like none other. Life changing. Paradigm shifting. But, as guest blogger Ellen Stumbo says today, it’s also a moment of hope and possibility. Dear Mom Dealing With Your Child’s Special Needs Diagnosis I’ve been where you are, facing a scary unknown for... read more

Autism Facts for Parents and Teachers

Autism facts abound on the internet in numbers guaranteed to confuse even the most careful reader. Guest blogger Anna Rodriguiz has compiled nine of them into an neat package for  you to read and reflect upon today. Autism Facts for Parents and Teachers Did you know that Albert Einstein did not like school? He had difficulty learning and interacting with kids of his age. Most likely, Einstein had autism... read more

Different Dream Link Share #20

Welcome to Different Dream’s regular Tuesday feature, the Dream Team link share. But first, I’d like to announce the winners of the recent give away contests here at Different Dream. The winner of Love Letters from the Edge by Shelly Beach and Wanda Sanchez is Sharon Cargin. The winner of the Paper Clouds Apparel t-shirt is Kathy Culpepper. Congrats to both of you! Now back to this... read more

In Heaven Eating Bon Bons by the Pool with Jesus

Good day to you! My name is Jolene Philo, and I’m so glad you stopped by the Different Dream website. You arrived just in time for the launch of a new weekly feature. Starting today, every Monday’s post will direct you to my other website, Down the Gravel Road. There, you’ll find a post of interest to parents of kids with special needs and book lovers. Once a month, including today, the... read more

Different Dream Vlog Series: Introduction

Hello friends, and welcome to our new vlog devo feature. Each Friday, I’ll be reading from A Different Dream for My Child: Meditations for Parents of Critically or Chronically Ill Children. The Different Dream vlog series is for any parent of a child with special needs. Consider this your opportunity to take a break from caregiving duties, to sit back, relax, and have someone read to you. Copyright... read more
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