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Different Dream Vlog Series: Don’t Drive Alone

Welcome to DifferentDream.com! Every Friday is read aloud time around here. Kind of a throw back to my teaching days when my students came in after lunch recess and relaxed while I read aloud. Parents are busy meeting their families’ needs and involved in the extra duties that come with special needs parenting. With so much to do, you need a chance to relax now and then. Now’s your time to sit... read more

Autism Therapy the Pinkalicious Way, Pt. 2

Welcome back to Part 2 in Guest blogger Amy Stout series about a unique autism therapy she created for her daughter who experiences autism. Today’s post explains how she created a very pink, very creative, and very successful feeding therapy session. The Pinkalicious (Feeding) Party, Part 2 On the day of the party, Kylie wore her best pink dress. She also brought her Pinkalicious book and her... read more

Autism Therapy the Pinkalicious Way, Pt. 1

Guest blogger Amy Stout is here today and tomorrow to share one of her family’s recent adventures with Kylie, their daughter who experiences autism. She’s here with the story of a very pink, very creative, and very successful adventure in autism therapy. Today, she explains why and how the party came to be. Tomorrow, she’ll be back with a report on how it went. The Pinkalicious (Feeding)... read more

Dream Team Link Share #24

Thanks to Labor Day, today feels more like Monday than Tuesday. But it really is Tuesday and that means it’s time for the Dream Team link share. Special needs bloggers are invited to add links to their favorite posts. Blog readers, you can add great links to posts you’ve read. Anything to help other special needs bloggers promote their work and collect posts for parents to find in one convenient... read more

Happy Labor Day!

... read more
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