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If I Could Go Back in Time

January is EA TEF Awareness Month. In today’s post, guest blogger Christine Lester imagines going back in time to the day her son’s EA TEF and VACTERL was diagnosed to offer reassurance and encouragement.  this post comes with a tissue warning! EA TEF Awareness Month: If I Could Go Back in Time If I were a time traveler, I would go back to the moment we found out the child I was carrying had... read more

The Caregiver’s Notebook Vlog Series: Routines & Schedules

The Caregiver’s Notebook vlog series is back with episode 10. The Caregiver’s Notebook: An Organizational Tool and Support to Help You Care for Others was officially released by Discovery House Publishers in late 2014. This series began soon offer as another way to offer support to caregivers and relieve their stress. What Kinds of Caregivers? The notebook was designed to be versatile enough for a variety... read more

6 Special Needs Tax Deductions for Families

Tax season is here, and special needs tax deductions make a difference for families when every penny counts. That’s why Different Dream is passing along special needs tax deductions tips recently posted at the Military One Source website. Many of them are plain old common sense, but common sense can be easy to overlook when chasing down receipts and pay stubs. Some of them highlight some surprising... read more

A Special Needs Dad’s Wish for His Son

Today’s post comes from a special needs dad. This special needs dad speaks for Joel, his son who can’t always communicate his emotions. He also speaks of his love for his son and the journey they have walked together for almost 42 years. Do you have a tissue box with you? No? You’ll want to get one. My Name Is Joel My name is Joel. I love, accept, respect, forgive and honor myself. The... read more

Dream Team Link Share #42

Happy New Year to all of you and welcome to 2015’s first Different Dream link share. You are invited to add your special needs-related links about the holidays just past, winter fun, and cabin fever antidotes. You can also add a special needs post that has nothing to do with the holiday season or winter. Posts about special needs parenting, resources, events, education, faith, ministry, or... read more
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