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Inadequate, But Not Alone

Today, I feel inadequate. Not at all qualified to encourage parents to fight the isolation that threatens to engulf them. Not at all worthy to remind them they are not alone. Not at all an example of how to ask for help from others. Because when events in my life took a difficult turn recently, I ignored my own advice. I rationalized my decision to isolate in numerous ways. It’s no big deal. It’s not that... read more

Birth Injury Website for Special Needs Parents

Birth injuries are at the root of many special needs diagnoses in children. Therefore, it’s a delight to introduce you to a new website, Birth Injury Guide, which is devoted to educating and supporting parents. Today’s guest post comes from Leigh Egan. She’s a writer who, as a mother, has a special interest in children’s issues. She researches and writes about health problems and... read more

Dream Team Link Share #31

  Another Tuesday Dream Team link share is ready for your post. You can join the fun by posting links from your special needs-related website or something wonderful you read an another site. You are welcome to add anything about special needs parenting, resources, events, education, faith, ministry, or a specific disability. Whatever may interest the special needs community And feel free to leave a... read more

The Caregiver’s Notebook Is Here!

Yes, The Caregiver’s Notebook has arrived here at Different Dream headquarters. The official release date is November 1, 2014, but this post gives a sneak peek at what’s inside. You’ll see why the notebook can be used by parents of kids with special needs, adult children caring for aging parents, and those caring for adults with disabilities or special needs. Even healthy adults like my husband Hiram and... read more

Different Dream Vlog Series: Words of Peace

  Friday is here again, and that means it’s time for you to be pampered with a read aloud from a devotional for parents of kids with special needs. Today’s devo, Words of Peace, comes from A Different Dream for My Child: Meditations for Parents or Critically or Chronically Ill Children. Those of you who have been in the hospital with your child–or hospitalized waiting for your baby to be... read more
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