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10 Tips for a Happy Halloween

Halloween is still 4 weeks away. Just about the right preparation time for parents to get their kids with special needs ready for the big night. This post highlights two articles from October 2013 that warrant a second look. 4 Halloween Tips for Kids with Special Needs These four tips come from an article posted at www.wwlp.com. Reporter Crystal Paschal suggests implementing these ideas: Practice... read more

Dream Team Link Share #30

Is it Dream Team link share time again already? It seems like the last one was yesterday. But the calendar says it really is Tuesday, and that means you can start adding links from your special needs-related website again. Or if you’ve read something wonderful at someone else’s special needs blog, you can add a link to that, too. Anything about special needs parenting, resources, events, education, faith,... read more

Lessons From My Father: The Perfect Picture

Had I been thinking straight way back in June, when I posted a chapter from Lessons from My Father, this would have been the chapter to start with. Now that I am thinking straight and you’re scratching your head about where my parents’ story began, the answer can be found below. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce the bride and groom to you: Harlan and Dorothy Stratton. The Perfect Picture... read more

Different Dream Vlog Series: Scrubbing In

The Different Dream vlog series is back with another Friday edition. Today’s devotional, Scrubbing In, comes from the hospital section of  A Different Dream for My Child:Meditations for Parents or Critically or Chronically Ill Children. It’s about one of those maturing moments that are part and parcel of becoming the parent of a child with special needs, a maturing moment that changed the way... read more

Beauty in the Broken Places of Special Needs Parenting

I’m so pleased to introduce you to my new friend, Lorna Bradley. She’s the mother of an adult son with Asperger syndrome. She’s learned to look for beauty in the broken places. In this devotional, she explains how she finds it in cats, knick-knacks, and parenting a child with special needs. Beauty in the Broken Places I have lived with cats my entire married life. They are naughty. Every... read more
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