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Adult Caregiving Can Be One Hot Mess!

Like you, I am the parent of a child with special needs. But adult caregiving has always been a part of my life, too. Family life in my childhood revolved around caring for my father who had multiple sclerosis. Then, in 2008, my mother was diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s. She lives with my brother and his family, and I spend Tuesdays taking her to appointments and dealing with her finances.... read more

Different Dream Vlog Series: Snap Decisions

Hello and welcome to the Different Dream website. If your idea of pampering includes sitting back, closing your eyes, and listening to someone read aloud to you, then prepare to be pampered. I’m Jolene Philo, the author of  A Different Dream for My Child:Meditations for Parents or Critically or Chronically Ill Children. Different Dream Vlog Series: Snap Decisons Today’s post is the fourth in... read more

Special Needs Hidden Treasures

After 13 years in the same place, guest blogger Maggie Gale and her husband are in the midst of an unexpected move. They are sorting through items stored in their loft (called an attic in the States) for 13 years. In the process, Maggie discovered some special needs hidden treasures to pass along to you. Special Needs Hidden Treasures July has found us up the loft, in shock over all the belongings we’d... read more

PTSD and Nursing Moms

Hello, Different Dream readers! Welcome to a guest post from my good friends and fellow PTSD advocates, Shelly Beach and Wanda Sanchez. This post about PTSD and nursing mothers first appeared at their blog, PTSD Perspectives. It addresses many issues of importance to the special needs community, so I was delighted when Beach and Sanchez gave permission to repost it here.  PTSD and Nursing Moms Most... read more

Dream Team Link Share #22

    The Dream Team link share is back for another Tuesday. Special needs bloggers are invited to add links you’ve written. Or, if you’re a blog reader and not a writer, feel free to add great links you’ve read. It’s a great way to promote your favorite writers and provide a one stop shop for parents looking for special needs advice. You can add anything related to special needs... read more
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